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Offering waxing, facials, massage, eyelashes, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation!

Welcome to Wax Poetic


Wax Poetic is local, female owned and created to be a haven for those who understand the real benefits of better self-care.  We seek to provide a level of care satisfying to the most discerning clients and an environment that is welcoming and comfortable to clients of any background, gender expression, or experience level.  Utilizing modern, natural, and organic products and offering an extensive selection of services, Wax Poetic is your Carrboro destination for self-care.

You might have guessed that we offer waxing, but Wax Poetic also offers:

  • massage therapy

  • VPL skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal

  • an infrared sauna

  • facials

  • make up application

  • lash extensions and more!!

And you can book an appointment with Wax Poetic for a variety of spa services now!

This is an example of one of these many services, eyelash tinting, available with us.